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Lorraine Forbes



Lorraine holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis and Computation) from the University of Cape Town.  However, she says, her real education came from the school of life where she sought answers to the questions:

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Jessica Chaplin


Jess joined The Sophia Foundation, as an Advisory Committee member in 2014 and through her growing support and connection with the foundation became a trustee in 2016.


Koos Rossouw


Koos is a Partner in Stonehage Fleming’s Family Office Division. For over 10 years Koos has acted as Adviser, Trustee and Executor to internationally wealthy families within the Group.


Johan Van Zyl


Johan is the Chairman of Stonehage Fleming South Africa and a member of the Group’s Executive Committee. He is an adviser to several ultra-high net worth South African families, serves as a director of a number of investment companies and trusts.

Just as the seed of the plant brings forth blossoms in the future, so will Wisdom bring forth human blossoms if it is planted into man’s soul. Human morality will arise.  Wisdom is the seed, the soul is the receptacle and morality is the blossom and fruit of the plant.. 

Rudolf Steiner

Founder of Anthroposophy

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