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We dream of peace and love to all animals under African skies

The Sophia Foundation started partnering Watershed in 2020.  A long-term concern of The Sophia Foundation was the critical state of the welfare of domestic animals in South Africa.  It was only when we met Stephanie Jackson, the founder of Watershed and heard about the amazing work that she and her small team are doing that we felt we could confidently collaborate with an organisation that was making a difference.

Watershed’s focus is to do outreach work and sterilizations in the more neglected areas in and around the Western Cape and to support existing organisations that do not have the funds to meet the animal welfare needs in their communities.  The Sophia Foundation has committed funding for regular focused outreaches to particularly neglected areas such that the impact of on-going sterilizations and community education on the welfare of animals in these areas can be monitored.

Contact: Stephne Jackson

Partnered in June 2015

Project Supported

2022   Operational Costs

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“ Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of Nature and its beauty ”

Albert Einstein

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