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Working together to grow young leaders who spread a vision for holistic living

When the JustLead! Course, offered by the Frederik van Zyl Institute and sponsored by The Sophia Foundation was aborted in 2020 after 3 cohorts owing to the COVID crisis - refer PAST PARTNERSHIPS, the Stellenbosch University Development and Alumni Relations Department requested that the balance of funds be allocated to bursaries for “missing middle” students.  These students do not qualify for NSFAS bursaries but cannot afford the university fees.  We agreed on condition the 20 bursary students participated in an Inner Leadership Course focusing on personal development - self-knowledge being one of the main components of Consciousness.


After the positive feedback from the Course participants and the University, The Sophia Foundation is again offering bursaries to students under the same conditions.  The Inner Leadership Course has been modified to align with the United Nations Inner Development Goals.  These arose out of the recognition that we need to shift our attention to what is going on inside of us if we are going to meet the complexity of our current challenges i.e. we need a range of cognitive and emotional skills and other qualities that go beyond what most people normally learn in schools and higher education.  


This work is still in its exploratory phase and a decision on the course and its placement within the University framework will be constantly reassessed.

Contact: Pieter Swart

Project Supported

2021 –  Bursaries for “missing middle” students and Inner Leadership Course

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“ Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”

Rudolf Steiner

Founder of Anthroposophy

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