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Passionately protecting and restoring critical ecosystems

Peace Parks Foundation works in partnership with governments in the southern African region to create networks of ecologically functional and economically sustainable transfrontier conservation areas that will ensure the preservation of southern Africa’s biodiversity; improve human well-being of vulnerable communities; and promote regional peace and stability.

The Sophia Foundation’s first partnership with Peace Parks goes back to 2013 – refer PAST PARTNERSHIPS.  We have recently entered another partnership agreement with them, THE SOPHIA FOUNDATION RANGERS SUPPORT PROGRAMME, this time to supplement the Awards and Incentive Programme for field rangers in nine of their protected areas.

The United Nations estimates the value of the illegal Wildlife Trade globally to be between $7 billion and $ 23 billion.  Field rangers are on the frontline of the battle to fight increasingly organised and well-equipped criminal syndicates.  Their salaries fall under the mandate of National Government and unfortunately do not reflect the associated risks involved. 

In line with the vision and values of The Sophia Foundation, a condition of the partnership is that incentives and awards be given for anti-poaching successes as well as qualities of character.  Incentives will be paid to field rangers based on successes in recovering contraband and illegal wildlife products, and apprehending poachers with an additional cash award for the best performing ranger in each area.  The training of rangers will include an aspect of personal growth and a ranger from each reserve will be selected to attend an Inner Leadership Course at the South African Wildlife College (SAWC) with the intention to:

  • further support the building of resilience in field rangers to be better able to meet the myriad of challenges and temptations they face in their work

  • enable the development of life skills that will serve the rangers and their communities throughout their lives

  • have a positive impact on the overall aim to conserve and protect wildlife.

This is a bespoke programme designed in a collaboration between the SAWC, Peace Parks and The Sophia Foundation as a pilot study for on-going training, development and expansion.

Contact: Brand Poole

Partnered in 2022

Project Supported

2022 –  Ranger Awards and Incentive Programme


“ Those who protect and save other animals lead the way in protecting 
and saving humanity and the earth”


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