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Passionately protecting and restoring critical ecosystems

In March 2013, The Sophia Foundation wrote a paper “A contribution to Rhino Anti-Poaching Considerations”.  This was in response to our concerns about the escalating rate of rhino poaching and its threat to the survival of the species.


These concerns were expressed at a meeting with Werner Myburgh, the CEO of the Peace Parks, at that stage not involved in combatting wildlife crime.  We were later approached by Peace Parks to partner a pilot intervention “The Rhino Rescue Project - Treating the horn of live rhino with a chemical compound to render the horn useless for human consumption.”  Based on the success of this project it was anticipated that significant funds would be released by overseas lotteries that would go directly towards rhino conservation and protection and lowering the demand for wildlife products in general.


Owing to the critical nature of the problem and the inconclusive impact of using the dye, lottery funds were anyway released and hence the pilot project aborted.  The Sophia Foundation chose to redirect these funds to the “Kruger National Park Veterinary Support Project for Orphaned and Injured Rhino”.  Orphaned rhinos were sent to Care for Wild an orphaned rhino sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of rhinos orphaned by poaching.  The Sophia Foundation continued sponsoring them via Peace Parks until 2017 by which time the organisation had built a sufficiently large support base not to need our funds.

Contact: Brand Poole

2013 – Pilot injection of rhino horn with poisonous dye  2014 to 2016 – KNP Veterinary Support Project for Orphaned and Injured Rhino

2017– Care for Wild

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“ Those who protect and save other animals lead the way in protecting 
and saving humanity and the earth”


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