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Working together to grow young leaders who spread a vision for holistic living

Earthchild Project is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in the Western Cape. They offer holistic education to under-resourced primary schools with a focus on the environment, health and self-development.  Inaugurated in 2007 Earthchild has been working with thousands of children in Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill, planting seeds of transformation through activities such as yoga, meditation, gardening, worm farming and hiking.

Their vision is to create a new generation of confident, conscious, healthy, happy and responsible earthchildren.

The Sophia Foundation has been sponsoring the Earthchild Alumni programme since its pilot year in 2015.  The programme focuses on nurturing the leadership potential of a select group of Earthchild primary school graduates throughout their high school years by offering quarterly skills development workshops, attendance at a camp and participation in the running and organisation of the Earthchild holiday programmes.

Janna Kretzmar Cape Town, South Africa

Partnered in June 2015

Project Supported

2015 –  Alumni Programme


“ As a principle, all that men will discover in the course of the Earth’s evolution is already present in Nature.  But what the human being will really give to the Earth is love, a love which will evolve from the most sensuous to the most spiritualised form of love.  This is the mission of the Earth-evolution.  The Earth is the cosmos of love.”

Rudolf Steiner

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